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Lemon Butter Sauce 101… So silky, lemony and perfect. It is no secret that butter makes everything better right? Trust me when I say that this goes well on ANYTHING, from veggies to chicken or any seafood. One of my favorite things to do is serving it over shrimp with a LOT of fresh herbs.

Why You’ll Love Lemon Butter Sauce

This is basically a Beurre Monte with the addition of lemon. A beurre monte is a classic French butter sauce. It is a water & butter emulsion. A lot of restaurants actually keep it and they rest their proteins in it. This sauce pairs so well with seafood, but you can throw it over anything your heart desires. It’s so silky, and lemony which is why it does great with seafood.


The classic Beurre Monte is only butter and water, so you can omit the lemon, maybe add a touch of white wine or vinegar and LOTS of herbs. You can also sub the butter for brown butter for a more complex and nutty sauce.

Recipe Tip

When making a lemon sauce, add the zest at the beginning but wait until the very end to add juice because it evaporates. Also you can actually reheat gently bain marie!

Lemon Butter Sauce

By Nadia Aidi
Lemon Butter Sauce 101…so silky and perfect.


  • 1/3 cup + 1 tbsp water
  • 1 lemon
  • Pinch of salt
  • 6-8 tbsp cold cubed unsalted butter, start with 6 and add more to taste


  • Add water to a pan with the lemon zest. Simmer and reduce by about half
  • Squeeze 1/2 lemon and cook 1 more minutes. Turn heat off. Salt to taste
  • Add the cubed butter. emulsify with a whisk vigorously off heat
  • Drizzle over anything

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