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Scallops Meunière for ep.5 of my restaurant series ♥️ fun fact? I was on seafood duty for most of my restaurant career. These will become your favorite scallops ever.. trust.

Why You’ll Love Scallops Meunière

This is the perfect lunch/dinner because it is so fresh and light. These scallops are buttery, the capers and parsley bring those earthy and herby notes to this epic dish!


Herbs are always super easy to swap, so you can sub the parsley for your favorite ones. You can also sub the scallops for other fish, such as my Sole Meunière.

Scallops Meunière
Scallops Meunière
Scallops Meunière

Recipe Tip

  • Scallops are easy if you follow these tips:
  • I like to take a blow dryer or a fan on COOL and dry surface on both sides to draw out moisture and get a nice hard sear. You can leave it uncovered in the fridge for a couple hours.
  • When buying scallops try to get ‘dry’ vs ‘wet’ because they will sear & taste better but also you won’t be getting scallops that have been injected with water.
  • Give them a lil shake when searing (always on a preheated pan) so they don’t stick but then let them be to develop a hard sear. I always sear 4-5 min on one side and 30-60 seconds on the other depending on size.

Scallops Meunière

By Nadia Aidi
Scallops Meunière for ep.5 of my restaurant series ♥️ fun fact? I was on seafood duty for most of my restaurant career.


  • 10 U-10 scallops
  • 3 tbsp capers
  • 1 tbsp caper brine
  • 1 lemon
  • 4-5 tbsp butter, unsalted
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Fresh parsley to taste


  • Cut the foot off the scallops and season
  • Preheat a pan for 2 min on high. Add some olive oil
  • Sear the scallops, giving them a lil shake. Let them sit unbothered for 3-5 min depending on size. Flip and sear another 30-60 sec
  • Remove from pan
  • Add in butter and capers. Let them brown on medium for 4-6 min. Scrape the pan for the scallop drippings. Add lemon zest.
  • Squeeze 1/2-1 lemon to taste
  • Add in the parsley
  • Serve


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