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This is the BEST grilled cheese in the world, and I mean that for a variety of reasons. After making it this way, I don’t think I will ever go back to plain ole grilled cheese, and neither will you… trust me! My kids are OBSESSED with it.

If you want to elevate this recipe even more, serve it with my Tomato, Chipotle & Goat Cheese Soup, you are gonna love it!

I always get asked where my Plates are from, they are from Anthropologie.

Why You’ll Love Best Grilled Cheese

The combination of the crispy fried cheese against the gooey melty cheese and buttery bread is truly an experience! It’s super easy to make and the process is worth it… I’m telling you it’s incredible! I love serving it with soup and dip the grilled cheese in it… ooof chef’s kiss.


I used my favorite cheeses for this, however you can use any cheese that floats your boat. I do recommend a very soft melty cheese for the one you will fry directly on the pan, as it yields better results and a hard cheese like a parmigiano or aged manchego for crusting the bread!

Grilled Cheese

By Nadia Aidi
You have to try this!


  • 2 slices of sourdough bread.
  • 2 slices extra sharp cheddar.
  • 2 slices provolone.
  • Smoked gouda to taste, be generous with it. freshly grated.
  • Parmigiano to taste, freshly grated.
  • 1 tbsp butter, room temp.
  • Tomato soup.


  • Preheat a pan on high for 2 min. Add in your grated gouda, be generous with it. Let it bubble for 2 min or so. Lower heat to medium
  • Add your bread on top, as shown in the video and give it a lil shake so the cheese sticks to the bread. Cook for 1-2 min or the edges start looking really golden
  • Spread butter on the tops of the bread, add your parmigiano and flip over. Cook another minute. Add your cheese to the crispy cheesy part of the bread and fold it as shown in the video. Lower heat to med low
  • Cook for about 3-5 min per side until fully melty and fully golden


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